3 entrepreneurs for pay-what-you-want marketing advice

I’m looking for 3 entrepreneurs for pay-what-you-want marketing advice.

Why entrepreneurs? Because they are the people working their asses off to make things happen. I say to them: ‘working even harder is maybe not healthy, I offer a smarter way to launch or market your product/service/project’.

Why  3? Capacity. I have to be able to show up and do the work. Just now I’m still a one-man-band.

Why marketing advice? Creating great marketing is my passion. Advice is my natural style.

Why pay what you want? I don’t have a reference list with ‘brand names’, but I want to do the work. So in order to get experienced with entrepreneurs, I do the work, they decide about the value. How honest can that be?

Interested and serious? e-mail me or dm me on twitter @koepee

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2 comments on “3 entrepreneurs for pay-what-you-want marketing advice
  1. chris de backer schreef:

    more info please

    kind regards


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