Two doors down and one is peed against

A quick post about applied behavioural psychology and politeness.

In the staircase down to the parking lot where I stall my reasonably priced car every day there are two doors. Apparently people feel an urge to pee in the staircase and they always pick one of the two doors. Presumably after a night out in town and a few beers later. There is no toilet in our parking lot and beers tend to take a few minutes to run from the lips all the way down. The same time it takes the drinker to walk from the pub to the parking lot.

When nature calls, civilisation is put on hold. And so it happens that one of the two doors is being peed against over and over again, despite polite requests of the facility owner not to do so. When nature calls, politeness doesn’t help either.

There is, however, a solution to the problem. There always is. And in this case it is the other door. Fear of death calls harder than the urge to pee. It bypasses our homosapiens brain and ignites a flee reflex in our amygdala.

Or which door would you pee against?

The one on the left which says ‘This is not a toilet. Please do not pee here’ or the other one which doesn’t use a lot of polite words?

What would you put on your door if you were the owner of the left door?

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