Green String Marketing

Car manufacturers, white good manufacturers, packaging solution providers… they all use green arguments in their marketing. I see most of them as the bodybuilder on the left. Showing of an oiled body and claiming to be 100% natural. Looks pathetic, doesn’t it?

How green can you be? That question should be on companies’ permanent agendas nowadays. They should discuss. Discuss hard probably. Make plans and start to execute for a responsible turnaround. I do understand that large companies are like oil tankers and that they are not easily turned around. But hey, no one said turning around is easy. The sheer difficulty is why their captains earn those amounts of money.

The Chief Marketing Officer should off course know the road ahead. He should not allow for making green claims for products who are in fact dark brown. Why? Because the truth will be exposed and travel quickly on social media. Don’t do to your customers (or end-consumer) what you wouldn’t do to your best friend. They can become your worst enemy. So stop looking for excuses. Stop green excuse marketing immediately if it’s only a fig leaf for  something you are ashamed of.

So, bottom line is you can only be a real hulk if your environmental claims kick butt.

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