Takeaway 2 from #CWF14

And now for something completely different: the role of luck in innovation. As Guy Kawasaki put it: “Rich and famous does not equal smart, but merely lucky”. That was when he announced his 11th tip in his top 10 learnings of

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Takeaway 1 from #CWF14

Creativity World Forum 2014 stage

I was at the Creativity World Forum in Kortrijk on 5&6 November, 2014. My first takeaway from the forum – across the speakers’ line-up – is a shift in discourse. Where the classic approach to innovation is one where you

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The marketing plan-as-you-knew-it is dead

The traditional marketing plan is as dead as Tupac, and it won’t come back. Ever. So if you are still writing up intricate plans to impress your boss and colleagues, please stop doing so. You will have probably noticed –

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